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15 July 2021

C2C Marketplace Software

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
C2C Marketplace Software

Today, it is possible to divide the e-commerce sector into four main groups. These can be listed as B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Firm), C2B (Consumer to Firm) and C2C (Consumer to Consumer). In this article, we will try to understand and convey the C2C (Consumer to Consumer) e-commerce model and the technological infrastructure needed by companies that want to do business in this model. C2C Marketplace is a complex e-commerce platform with stores where consumers can offer the products they want to sell. For this reason, in addition to the services and processing capabilities offered in the foreground, much more processing needs to be done in the background.

C2C Marketplace software should offer special capabilities and a set of features that enhance the user experience for both the manager and the store owner. To explain them briefly;

1- Store System

In order to be able to sell from consumer to consumer, the products must be exhibited in a certain order. The product pages containing many information such as the name, description, photos, price and location information of the product and the store system that enables these products to be managed should be presented by the c2c Marketplace software without interruption.

2- Payment Infrastructure

One of the most important issues that will trigger the purchasing habits of customers is undoubtedly a secure payment system. A payment infrastructure that is stable and secures sensitive customer data is a must for C2C marketplace software. For this reason, it has to be able to offer alternative and reliable payment infrastructure.

3- Featured Ads

For customers who want to sell their products quickly and be one step ahead of their competitors, there may be stores that want to show their products and campaigns to the visitors at the forefront. C2C Marketplace software should also have modules that meet this need. This allows both the seller to reach his goal and the company that owns the marketplace to earn additional profit.

4- Cargo Integration

No matter what type of e-commerce you are into, you know that the person who buys the product is looking forward to the shipment. Cargo integration is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and increase user experience. In non-integrated structures, each step must be entered manually into the system both during the delivery of the product to the cargo company and afterwards, which means that additional manpower will be needed. Thanks to the cargo integration, as soon as the order is confirmed, the cargo tracking number is automatically arranged and becomes visible in the system. Thanks to the cargo tracking number, the customer can observe every step of the order's journey and ultimately does not create additional busyness to learn the cargo status.

5- Mobile Compatibility and Accessibility

Mobile compatibility has become an indispensable part of our lives with the developing technology. You should be able to get full efficiency from the smartphones and tablets used by almost every individual when they visit your c2c e-commerce site. A website that is not displayed correctly on mobile phones or tablet computers or cannot perform its functions will only lose you. For this reason, the C2C Marketplace software and the integrated website should be accessible and usable from both computers and mobile devices. This also applies to the administrator side. In marketplace management, you may encounter situations where you will have to dominate the subject at all hours of the day and intervene when necessary. You should also have full access to the c2c marketplace software when you are out of the office.

In this article, we have included various features that C2C marketplace software should have. Of course, a marketplace software is much more detailed and complicated. Today, a wide variety of marketplaces offer services, and the success of successful ones is not accidental. It will be an important gain to scrutinize when choosing C2C Marketplace software and additionally strengthen it with various integrations. We can offer all the support you need for integration with Markizzi. Please contact us to have detailed information about Markizzi and to benefit from our services.