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15 November 2021

How to Increase Engagement on Twitter?

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
How to Increase Engagement on Twitter?


How to Increase Engagement on Twitter?

Twitter has an important place among social media platforms. Namely, it offers a unique environment where countless people from almost every demographic share their ideas and interact. In this context, it has become an invaluable advertising tool for e-commerce sites. E-commerce sites that use Twitter effectively both increase brand awareness significantly and encourage their potential customers to visit the website. So, how to increase engagement on Twitter? Let's take a closer look at this issue together...

Methods of Increasing Engagement on Twitter


You must have noticed that we continue to emphasize the importance and value of content in every article we write on this topic. In an environment where competition is increasing day by day and more and more companies are joining the e-commerce ecosystem, content is what makes you stand out among others. For this reason, you should pay attention to the appearance of the content you prepare, the value of the information it contains and the strength of the message it conveys. On platforms like Twitter, people are more attracted to content that activates their emotions. Based on this little tip, you should take into account that special days will also be an important breakthrough. A profile full of poor quality, hollow and unemotional content will not attract anyone's attention.


You can use two types of redirects for your posts on Twitter. The first is to direct you to your website directly with the link you will include in the sharing, and the second is to respond to the message you give, activating the consumer and visiting your website. As an answer to the question of how to increase engagement on Twitter, your posts are retweeted by other users. In this way, the referrals you make reach more users, and in this way, it can become a growing process like a snowball on its own.

Tweet Lengths

Another answer to the question of how to increase engagement on Twitter is, of course, that the shared content contains clear messages. As you know, Twitter allows users to write a 160-character text to share their opinion. One of the biggest mistakes made here is trying to use all 160 characters and using indirect expressions instead of clear expressions. While you want to both attract the attention of the consumer and increase the interaction with your posts, you do not want to risk the audience not understanding what you share. Therefore, you should be short, clear and original.


As we mentioned before, the process of sharing a content on Twitter with other users is called retweet. The user can retweet your post as it is, or quote your tweet while sharing their own ideas. In both cases, it will be an important gain to increase interaction on Twitter.


Hashtag is the name given to the keywords that allow the content to be categorized. Thanks to this powerful tool that Twitter users know very well, it allows users who want to read content on a topic to reach the content they want faster or to participate in active topics. In this context, the choice of hashtags in your posts is also very important. With the use of hashtags, which are effective in almost every social media platform, you can create hashtags for your brand or add them to your posts by selecting them from the existing ones.

Reply to Comments!

Attracting users to your Twitter profile was one step in the process. Afterwards, the best thing you can do to increase engagement is to respond to user comments quickly and with solutions. The comments made and the answers given are reviewed by the users who have just visited your profile, and an idea about your brand is formed in the minds of the people. The power of comments should be considered on how to increase engagement on Twitter.

Quality Images

The quality of the images you attach to your content is the most important factor to attract the attention of your customers. Although Twitter seems to be a text-based platform, it is also important to create the first impression with images and encourage the content in reading.

We tried to briefly answer the question of how to increase interaction on Twitter. When you need a suitable infrastructure to increase interactions and examine the results of these studies in detail, Markizzi offers you all the facilities you need.