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24 March 2021

Gitti Gidiyor Api Integration

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Gitti Gidiyor Api Integration

In this article we will Gittigidiyor one of Turkey's largest marketplace 'un api to api technology talking about how you will benefit from the service will try to open a small window.

What is Gittigidiyor Api Integration?

As we all know GittiGidiyor Turkey is one of the few large marketplaces. It is an enormous shopping platform where hundreds of thousands of products and as many sellers sell under one roof and tens of thousands of products are sold every day. Considering such a large structure, every seller should spend a lot of effort and effort to keep their products up-to-date, to enter new products into the system, to control orders and incoming messages, and to manage similar processes. Thanks to the api service, which comes to our aid in this difficult process, the seller can manage all transactions on the marketplace from the admin section of their website. When a new product enters its website, all information about the product is also included in the shop where it is gone. Here it goes, it goes, the api service makes our life so much easier ...

How to get Gittigidiyor Api?

After logging in at http://dev.gittigidiyor.com, we click on the "Api Keys" section in the top menu. In this section, click the link to get a new api key and click the link to view the section with developerid, api key, secretkey and application information. If you have not registered before, this section is expected to be empty.

Click the tab to get a new api key; We create developerid, api key and secretkey. When this process is completed, you need to fill in the form below and send it to api.destek@gittigidiyor.com. In this way, the role definition for the use of api will be made by the administrators. The relevant mail should be as follows;

Subject: Api Definition Request

Dear Sir / Madam,
In line with the information below, I kindly request that the Role information required for the API Integration process be defined and forwarded to me.

Role Description: Personal / Individual
Account Holder Name: Your Name
Account Holder Surname: Surname
Company Name (If Available): Company Name
Phone: Your Phone Number
GittiGidiyor Username: Gittigidiyor Username

During the day or the next day, role information will be sent to your specified email address. The email to be sent will contain a role username and role password.

What are the Benefits of Gittigidiyor Api Integration?

1. Thanks to the Gittigidiyor integration program, tons of products are automatically listed in a few seconds.

2. All orders are followed on the Markizzi screen. It becomes possible to view all different orders on the same screen.

3. With the Markizzi integration program, there is no need to match categories during listing. Markizzi handles this kind of work automatically.

4. Order invoices are also made automatically with Markizzi. Invoices of sellers using e-invoices are automatically issued and sent within two seconds.

5. Price information is constantly kept up to date.

6. Messages belonging to customers from GittiGidiyor are collected in Markizzi and answered by an automatic response system.

7. Thanks to the Gittigidiyor integration program, all these transactions are carried out not only on the Gittigidiyor site but also on other platforms where sales are made.

8. Markizzi also meets the e-invoice needs by making important accounting calculations.

9. GittiGidiyor enables Markizzi products to be loaded into Excel file at once during the integration phase. It is possible to easily download the products from the Markizzi management panel.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you will have the freedom to do all your work on a single screen with Markizzi. You can save time and get rid of many extra efforts by doing your important tasks such as uploading your products to marketplaces, updating, tracking orders and replying to your messages from the management panel offered by Markizzi.