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15 October 2021

Customer Reviews in E-Commerce

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Customer Reviews in E-Commerce

In e-commerce, customer reviews are an important factor that affects sales positively or negatively. This situation, where people who have bought the product before and used it for a while, share their experiences and convey their ideas about the product to people who will buy the product, can directly affect sales.

We've all bought our necessities from online marketplaces at least once. Due to the nature of e-commerce, the consumer has to decide without the factors that directly affect the decision, such as closely seeing and touching the product he wants to buy. For this reason, customer comments in e-commerce are the only method that the consumer can apply to have information about a product they will buy for the first time.

Each marketplace leaves an area that allows comments on product pages and asks customers to evaluate the relevant product with a comment and point system. The reason for this is related to the reason we mentioned above. The consumer can use the comments in this section or the comments they reach by searching for the relevant product in the search engine as the main factor in decision-making.

Benefits of Customer Reviews in E-commerce

As we mentioned before, customer comments have a great impact on sales in e-commerce, and this is very natural. However, let's try to understand the benefits of customer reviews for both parties in e-commerce, taking into account the primary and complementary reasons:


Consumers also want to know how useful a product they will buy from e-commerce marketplaces will actually be for their business. It is therefore not a new way to use reviews and reviews to be sure. Similarly, consumers want to make sure that the reviews they read are unbiased and not meant to be misleading. When the researches are examined, we can observe that the preference rate between trusting the manufacturer's statements and comments is much more dominant on the comments side.

       2. Trust

It is much easier to gain customer trust for businesses that manage customer reviews well in e-commerce. Businesses that examine the positive or negative comments made on the product and respond with a courteous language have the chance to show the consumers that they trust the product they sell and that they are a company with a corporate culture. Consumers want to trade with companies they can trust the most.

      3. Increases Traffic

As the number of reviews about a product increases, each new review will be listed by search engines. The more comments, the more traffic that will be directed to the relevant e-commerce site or product page, as the component that takes its place in the ranking will increase. In e-commerce, customer reviews are one of the most loved content types by major search engines such as Google.

In this era we live in the information age, everyone has the luxury of reaching the information they are looking for in a very short time. Therefore, if you want to be ahead of your competitors in the sale of a product or service, you have to develop various strategies. Customer comments in e-commerce, which is an important part of these strategies, is also a factor that you need to manage correctly and make it a part of your sales strategy.

You can encourage your existing customers to comment in order to promote the products and services you offer to wider audiences and increase sales. Sometimes this can be a tiny note on the package of the product, or sometimes it can be with the methods offered by digital advertising. You can encourage your customers to comment by making calls from your social media accounts, promotions you organize and direct communication tools such as e-mail.

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