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01 July 2021

What is Integration? How is it done?

Barış Dur
| Blog
What is Integration? How is it done?

Integration is a term that represents harmony between systems. Its use in the field of e-commerce refers to the two-way data transfer established between e-commerce sites and service providers such as marketplaces or cargo. For example, when an e-commerce company sends orders to its customers by courier, it has to record the data that enables the customer and the company to track the product from the moment the product is received by the cargo company to the system. Instead of maintaining this obligation manually, you have the opportunity to do it automatically thanks to the integration. As a technology that makes life easier, integration can be done in two different ways.

XML Integration

XML integration basically acts as a translator that enables different formats and programming languages ​​to work in harmony with each other. With XML integration, which is frequently used by e-commerce companies operating in different sectors, regular transfer of contractual data between two institutions is ensured. This data can be about product contents, orders, shipping information, billing and more. At the same time, stock management, which should be carefully followed by e-commerce sites, can be maintained completely automatically thanks to xml integration.

API Integration

API integration, unlike XML integration, can be described as opening doors when an application provides suitable conditions for another application. A high level of security is provided in integration processes with API access information defined for your company by the platform providing API service. You should record your API access information as multi-layered security checks are made in every transaction. In order to take any action after integration, the relevant query is sent to the API server and the server processes this request and produces predefined outputs. The most widely used integration method for e-commerce sites is API integration. API integration, which is the key to the fastest and most stable data transfer between companies, also allows real-time transactions.

Advantages of Integration

1. Thanks to the integration, you can quickly add your new products to your stores in the marketplaces.

2. You will have the opportunity to advertise in the marketplaces because you can reach customers faster.

3. You save time as product updates will be done quickly.

4. Stock tracking, cargo, etc. in the marketplaces. You can follow up the processes effectively and prevent the problems to be experienced and eliminate the possibility of being penalized from the relevant marketplace.

5. It contributes to your brand awareness.

6. It supports the rapid increase of your target audience.

7. You can track processes that require strict follow-up, such as order, payment and cargo, from a single screen and thus save time.

Usage Areas of Integration

Although integration is a method used in many fields and for different setups, e-commerce integrations, which are our subject, cover a certain number of sectors. Coming to the types of integration in e-commerce, we can list the integration types as follows:

1- Marketplace integrations

2- Accounting integrations

3- Payment system integrations

4- Marketing and sales integrations

5- Cargo and logistics integrations

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