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30 July 2021

Omnichannel Marketing

Barış Dur
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Omnichannel Marketing

What is Omnichannel? What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel Marketing, as a marketing strategy that has entered our lives thanks to developing technologies, can be explained as maximizing the channels through which the business can reach the customer and the customer to the business, ensuring that all these sales channels work in integration with each other and thus bringing the customer experience to a point close to perfection.

In the past, sales processes were carried out in physical stores. With the development of technology, websites and mobile applications have also been included in the subject, in fact, the diversity of these sales channels forms the basis of omnichannel marketing.

What Are the Best E-Commerce Omnichannel Marketing Examples?

Boyner – Morhipo is one of the first examples of the Omnichannel marketing strategy in our country, which emerged because traditional marketing strategies could not respond to today's user experience.

Boyner, as one of the first to see the gap in the sector in terms of marketing strategies, started to carry out delivery, exchange and warranty transactions for products sold through Morhipo from Boyner stores. In this way, in cases where the ordered product is requested in a limited time, an important step has been taken to meet this demand of the customer and the customer experience has been perfected.

How to Do Omnichannel Marketing in E-Commerce?

To be successful with omnichannel marketing, you need extra tools, tracking technology, and an advanced strategy. It takes more time, money, and resources than simpler marketing strategies, but when used correctly, the benefits significantly outweigh the costs.

To effectively execute an omnichannel marketing strategy, you need to be able to monitor the behavior of individual audience members across different platforms, on the website and offline. Channels you can use for this:

1. Social media

2. Email lists

3. Mobile apps

4. Cookies

5. Device IDs

6. Online shopping cards

7. Point of Sale (POS) systems

8. TV and Radio

9. Loyalty programs

10. Other offline media

In omnichannel marketing, all these sales and marketing channels should work integrated with each other. The main purpose here is to ensure that the customer's purchasing process continues uninterrupted. How do you say; It can be said that when your potential customer, who is shopping on your website, is interrupted in any case, the process can continue from portable mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Of course, this example is limited. A similar approach should be followed in sales and after-sales services.

What Should E-Commerce Sites That Will Implement Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Pay Attention To?

When creating an omnichannel marketing strategy, you can easily create a custom strategy for yourself by adapting it to the topics we will talk about in accordance with your company's dynamics.

Same Quality User Experience on All Channels

The company that will implement an omnichannel marketing strategy should bring the customer experience in all sales channels to equal or very close standards. The customer experience offered on the website should also be experienced on mobile devices.

Choosing the Right Channels

In order to get efficient results from the strategy you have created, it is useful to stretch your feet according to your quilt, so to speak. You should choose the channels where you can present the service quality and customer experience at a high level, and you should increase the alternatives by taking into account your internal dynamics.

Choosing the Right Marketing Communication Language

Considering that your target audience has different characteristics in the e-commerce ecosystem, it makes it necessary to develop an appropriate common addressing language. While determining your strategy, you should determine the communication language to be used in accordance with this feature.

Leverage User Data

It is easier to reach measurable data in digital marketing than traditional marketing methods. The ERP software you use can offer you various modules in this regard. Markizzi is an ERP software that offers advanced services in this regard. It keeps all your data in a digital environment in an organized and secure manner, allowing you to access it whenever you need it. The data you obtain is one of the most important resources you will use in creating your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Improve Coordination Between Your Business Units

While determining your strategy, you should also pay attention to the coordination of your organizational structure and the departments within the organization with each other. You can achieve this with various integrations, meetings and trainings.

Do Not Ignore Users' Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important pillars of omnichannel marketing. When you prepare and sell the product; It allows you to convey the experiences of the customer using the product to you, and thus, allows you to develop both your strategy and your product. That's why you should pay attention to feedback.

Markizzi is an integrated ERP software that provides integration services for e-commerce platforms. I'm sure everyone understands the importance of integration in omnichannel marketing strategy. Thanks to Markizzi, the connection between your web, mobile and physical store will be stronger than ever, and you only have to increase your sales.