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03 May 2021

E-PTT Avm Integration

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
E-PTT Avm Integration

What is E-Ptt Avm?

We would like to give you information about E-Ptt Avm before processing the issue of E-Ptt Avm Integration. E-PTT Avm is an e-commerce platform that has entered the sector by seeing the insecurity experienced by the citizens of the Republic of Turkey in shopping on the internet and quickly distinguished itself among its competitors by using the branch and distribution network already established within the borders of our country. On the platform, which was put into service with a meeting attended by Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Maritime and Communications at the time, in 2012, there are services such as store membership that allow different companies to make sales. This is exactly what concerns us. Because when you open a store in E-PTT Avm, we will examine the service that allows you to manage this store synchronously with your own e-commerce website and other e-commerce platforms you are a member of, namely E-PTT Avm Integration. E-PTT Avm integration allows you to synchronize your e-commerce website with the E-PTT Avm via an API service offered by PTT, to put the products you add to your website for sale in your E-PTT Avm in real time, to track sales and orders, allows you to manage your messaging and many different processes from a single screen.

What are the Features of E-PTT Avm Integration?

When you receive E-PTT Avm Integration service with Markizzi, the operations you can take on your e-commerce software's management panel are as follows:

  1. Automatic Stock Management

  2. Order and Sales Tracking

  3. Sell ​​in Bulk

  4. Stop Sale in Bulk

  5. Bulk Price Update Feature

What are the Advantages of E-PTT Avm Integration?


As it is known, PTT is one of the most reliable and oldest establishments in Turkey. Currently, most of the shares belong to the state through the Turkey Wealth Fund, and the institution has branches and logistics infrastructure that serve even in the most remote corners of Turkey. In this context, the trust of the people of our country in the PTT institution makes it more comfortable in the field of e-commerce.

Ready Customer

PTT, which is a well-known institution, allows your products to be sold faster and increase profitability thanks to its ready-made customer portfolio. Again, you will have the chance to use your advertising budget more efficiently due to its high recognition.

Fair Commission Amounts

Unlike other platforms that provide merchandising services, you pay lower commission amounts in E-PTT Avm. The commission rates for 2021 are as follows:

  • Mother / Baby / Toy: 15%

  • Nutritional supplements: 10%

  • White goods: 5%

  • Computer / Tablet: 5%

  • Computer / Tablet accessories: 10%

  • Home decoration: 10%

  • Home electronics / TV: 5%

  • Movie / Music / Game: 8%

  • Fitness / Cardio: 10%

  • Photo / Camera: 5%

  • Photo / Camera accessories: 10%

  • Clothing / Accessories: 10%

  • Hobby / Toy: 10%

  • Camping equipment: 10%

  • Book: 8%

  • Cosmetics / Health / Care: 10%

  • Office / Stationery: 8%

  • Auto tire: 5%

  • Automotive / Motorcycle: 10%

  • Outdoor Shoes: 10%

  • Pet Shop: 10%

  • Pilates / Yoga: 10%

  • Sports / Outdoor: 10%

  • Sports shoes: 10%

  • Super market: 10%

  • Jewelry / Glasses / Watch: 10%

  • Phone: 5%

  • Phone accessories: 10%

  • DIY / Garden: 10%

  • Electric care products: 5%

When you want to sell your products on the E-PTT Avm platform, what you need to do is very simple. Choosing the Markizzi E-PTT Avm Integration service and saving the integration api key and password offered by E-PTT Avm by writing them to the relevant fields on the panel provided to you by Markizzi.

If you like this article where we try to give short but valuable information about E-PTT Avm Integration and want to experience this service with the difference of Markizzi, you can contact us at any time.