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30 August 2021

How to Increase Sales in Online Marketplaces?

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
How to Increase Sales in Online Marketplaces?

At a time when technology is developing rapidly, the digital world is in every pocket and conditions are pushing us to meet our needs from e-commerce sites, the most important question for e-commerce marketplaces is undoubtedly the question of how to increase sales in online marketplaces. As in every sector, when demand increases, supply increases in parallel, and as supply increases, it brings competition. For this reason, in these three titles we have prepared for you, we will seek an answer to the question of how to increase sales in online marketplaces.

1- Product Photos

What do you pay attention to as a customer in traditional store sales? Physical stores are arranged in a way that starts with the window design and encourages purchasing in a certain order in various sections of the store. The customer sees the product first, touches the product he likes and decides. The situation is slightly different in online marketplaces. In online marketplaces, the customer cannot touch the product and cannot see its three-dimensional form. For this reason, product photos are one of your important weapons to increase sales.

Each marketplace has infrastructures that allow you to upload photos in different formats and sizes. The most important of the marketplaces serving in our country are looking for a certain resolution and white background condition in the images that you will upload as showcase photos and will be displayed in the first place. It will not allow you to add photos that do not have these attributes to your product page.

When uploading product photos, remember that the first photo is uploaded to attract customers with the general image of the product, and the interior images are uploaded to convey various features of the product to the customer. As we said before, since the customer does not have the opportunity to touch the product and see it in three dimensions in online marketplaces, the data you present here will increase your chances at the decision-making stage. Another thing you should pay attention to is that the images you upload are high resolution. Nobody wants to buy a product by looking at a blurry image.

2- Product Name

Thanks to search engine optimization, it is a work that allows you to gain customers without paying anything. Although the brand and model of the product are usually used when specifying the product name, a little research with SEO tools will provide you with powerful data on what words people use when searching for your product. It will be useful to choose the keywords with the highest search volume and add them to the product name in an appropriate way. One of the most important answers to the question of how to increase sales in online marketplaces where competition is heating up is undoubtedly tiny SEO touches.

3- Product Description

The customer needs as much data as possible before purchasing a product that he cannot see and touch with a three-dimensional perspective. For this reason, the product description section has a special importance. You should make sure that you include all the data of your product that you can pass on to your potential customer. You should note that the number of words and technical data you use here are also important.

Marketplaces are shopping centers that attract very different audiences. Remember that the people who will want to buy your products are also people from different cultures with different levels of education. The style you will use in the product description should be designed to simplify technical terms and provide clear information to the reader. In this way, while you have the chance to show your professionalism to your customers, you will also have the chance to gain more customers.

Another key point in our article, where we try to answer the question of how to increase sales in online marketplaces, is how your products can be loaded quickly and smoothly on the marketplaces where your store is located. Adding your products to the system one by one for each marketplace is a situation where you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Thanks to the Markizzi integration service, we establish a very functional technological connection between your e-commerce site and Turkey's largest marketplaces. The products you add in the administration panel of your e-commerce site are simultaneously ready for sale in your stores in the marketplaces. For more detailed information, you can review our website or contact us.