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30 September 2021

How Do Headlines Drive Traffic?

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
How Do Headlines Drive Traffic?

Headlines play a key role in attracting customer attention as well as in search engine optimization. Using titles that can be effective in the purchasing decision of potential customers has the power to put you one step ahead in an environment where the competition is getting hotter at every moment. So, what should be considered for titles that are both suitable for search engine optimization and interesting, and how do the titles attract traffic?

How to Write Headlines That Get Traffic?

    1. Using Related Keywords in Headings

The heart of search engine optimization is undoubtedly the right keyword choices. Thanks to the keywords used at regular intervals within the phrase in the content you offer to the visitor, the search engine has the chance to correctly position and rank the content. However, using the keyword in the title is one of the unchanging rules of search engine optimization.

The biggest mistake often made is the excessive use of keywords that have nothing to do with the content on the page. A balanced use of keywords in the title and in the paragraphs will be easy for both the reader and the search engines to make sense of the content. We recommend that you use an seo expert or tools offered by Google and similar search engines when determining keywords.

       2. Encouraging Audiences to Read Content

Every company serves a specific target audience. It would be appropriate to divide the market into segments according to various criteria and to determine the strategies to be applied while bringing both products and products to the customer accordingly. The titles on your pages should also be suitable for the audience you have determined. To give a short example; If you offer products that appeal to children and young people, official language titles and content will not attract the attention of your target audience. Headlines suitable for age, gender and social status will be a complete answer to the question of how the headlines attract traffic.

Marketing is the art of manipulating customer emotions. From this point of view, it is necessary to think according to the characteristics of your target audience and to prepare the titles and contents on your pages accordingly.

        3. Using the How-To App

We all routinely search for things we wonder how to do on search engines. These searches can be on many different topics and depths, from the care of a flower to how a website is designed. People consume information fast and are constantly trying to acquire new information. Therefore, you can create how-to content on any topic and publish it with appropriate titles.

         4. Making Headline Analysis

You prepared your website, wrote the content and published it on your page. From this point on, while producing new content, you should regularly review the statistical data of what you have published in the past. Websites can receive traffic from many different channels. Different groups of people from search engines, social media platforms and other sites will visit your website. If you have a management panel that offers detailed statistical data, you will have the chance to easily interpret the data you have obtained. As a result of your analysis, you will have the chance to understand which types of titles and content attract more attention and to make adjustments in your next content accordingly. If the control panel you have does not offer you this possibility, we recommend that you do not waste your time trying a new system.

While trying to answer the question of how headlines drive traffic, we think you understand the importance of the software you use to manage your website. Websites are developing day by day and you need to keep up with this development in order to stand out from the competition.

Offering marketplace integration and ERP software together, Markizzi allows you to manage both your website and your integrated virtual stores from a single administration panel. While creating quality titles and content, you can get the chance to publish them freely from a single screen.