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15 June 2021

Marketplace Management

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Marketplace Management

Marketplace management is the professional management of personal stores where companies that want to sell products in e-commerce gather on e-commerce platforms called marketplaces and bring their products and services together with consumers. As it is known, with the development of technology, people's shopping habits are constantly changing. In particular, shopping through the application or the web on smart devices gives people a sense of both comfort and confidence. In this context, companies have to develop different strategies in marketplace management and take steps to improve customer experience in the e-commerce environment where competition is getting higher every day.

The Importance of Correct Marketplace Management for Reaching High Sales Figures

Marketplaces are structures that have a large transaction volume, appeal to large audiences and have advanced interfaces. For this reason, it requires serious effort to follow up and manage. Since the competition in the marketplaces operating in our country is at a high level, the right Marketplace management processes are needed to reach the right customer base and sell products. Today, most e-commerce companies operate in almost all marketplaces. For this reason, integration solutions are used to manage all marketplaces from a single screen.

Automatic Stock Tracking Feature

Stock tracking is one of the indispensable processes for companies dealing with e-commerce. In case of confusion in the inventory records where the number of products in the warehouse, production and supply dates, expiration dates and many other data are processed, there will be disruptions in the delivery of the products to the consumer on the promised dates. These disruptions will certainly undermine the credibility of the company. Thanks to the integration, stock tracking is no longer a nightmare. No matter which platform the sale is made, the stocks are updated instantly and confusion is avoided.

Ability to Import and Export Your Products

In the marketplace management, the process of opening a store and loading the products into the store is a challenging process. Especially if you have to upload instant products to all marketplaces, the situation can become unbearable. Thanks to the marketplace integration, you can effortlessly send your products to all marketplaces with just one download, through the various files you have prepared. Products are automatically offered for sale in your store.

Automatic Shipping Label Feature

Cargo process is also an important process in marketplace management. As soon as the orders are sent by courier, they should be reflected in the system and the customer is expected to follow up the purchased product by being aware of this situation. Thanks to the marketplace integration, you can create an automatic shipping label and share and track all the data required for tracking with your customer.

Automatic Billing Feature

As your sales volume increases, the invoicing process starts to take more time. The disruptions you will experience in issuing invoices, especially since they are legally binding, may cause you to be penalized with the first inspection. Another feature of integration in marketplace management is; The invoice is created automatically as soon as the order is confirmed. This saves you both unnecessary waste of time and legal responsibilities.

Easy Tracking

In cases where integration services are not used in marketplace management, it is very difficult to follow each marketplace simultaneously. Especially in situations where time is spent outside the office, it becomes almost impossible to follow up. Thanks to the integration, all data can be monitored continuously via a mobile compatible interface. Moreover, you can do all your work and processes from your mobile phone.

Competitor Analysis

We mentioned earlier that marketplaces have high competition. In this context, it is an undeniable fact that it is necessary to develop various strategies by constantly monitoring your competitors who sell the same product groups as you. By analyzing the data of your competitors in marketplace management, you can make many important decisions such as various strategies, target setting and the introduction of new products.

Speaking of the importance of marketplace management and integration, we cannot help but mention Markizzi with its outstanding features among its competitors. If you want to sell your products in all marketplaces with a seamless integration experience, you can contact us at any time.