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19 April 2021

N11 Integration

Barış Dur
| Blog
N11 Integration

What is N11 Integration?

N11 integration is a technology that allows companies operating in the field of e-commerce to synchronize the websites they sell with and their stores on n11.com to easily manage the processes from sales to delivery.

One of the few big marketplaces in Turkey that we are accustomed to hear, n11.com was established in June 2012 with the partnership of Doğuş Group and Korean SK Group companies. n11.com; It is an enormous marketplace where millions of products are sold, appealing to different needs and tastes, from electronics to textiles, from kitchenware to handicrafts.

How to get N11 api information?

The first step required for N11 integration is to have the key and password for the api service provided by n11. After you subscribe to the N11 enterprise, you can get the n11 integration api key and password with a few simple steps. For this, respectively;

  • Log in to your N11 store.

  • Click the API Accounts link from the My Account menu in the top right menu.

  • When you see the Api Accounts page, click the Create New Account button.

  • Information about your API account will be sent to your e-mail address that you registered in the system while registering.

What are the Benefits of N11 Integration?

N11 is one of the largest marketplaces serving in Turkey and an ecosystem with increasing number of products sold and visitors day by day. According to 2018 data, the total number of members is 13 million and the number of visitors per year is 2.6 billion. The trade volume realized on the N11 marketplace was 7.8 billion TL. When you consider that the e-commerce sector is a growing sector every year, you can more or less guess how much these numbers have grown so far. In this context, we can list the benefits of integrating n11 integration with our e-commerce platform into our n11 store as follows:

  • When you create your products in your own e-commerce application, you can simultaneously sell them in your n11 store.

  • Both your e-commerce site and your n11 store after the n11 integration, your stocks are automatically updated in every sale that takes place, saving you from the responsibility of stock tracking.

  • Cargo tracking processes of the products sold can also be managed from a single screen.

  • You can view and reply to all messages sent to you through the N11 marketplace on your personal e-commerce platform.

  • You sell to the ready-made customer base owned by the N11. In this way, you won't have to worry about searching for customers.

  • You can save on your ad spend as n11 ads are constantly shown on almost every home watched platform, both digital platforms and television.

What are the commission amounts paid after N11 Integration?

Like every marketplace, n11 reflects some brokerage fees arising from this service to corporate members who want to open a store on the platform and sell. These fees vary based on category and product and are generally in the range of 6-10%. Commission fees are reflected at the time of sale. 0.8% marketing service fee is reflected by n11, excluding the commission.

In our previous articles, we talked about how easy it is to integrate Markizzi with other marketplaces and the privileged services you will have after integration. Markizzi is a system that offers marketplace integration and erp software together. With its advanced but easy to understand and convenient management panel, it allows you to perform integration processes with a few clicks. In addition, thanks to its powerful modules and supported cloud technologies, you can operate on all marketplaces regardless of time and place, control your sales, track your sold products and strengthen your communication with your customers.

N11 integration with Markizzi is also a process that can be performed with a few clicks. For more detailed information about the services offered by Markizzi, please contact us.