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26 April 2021

Marketplace Integration Program

Barış Dur
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Marketplace Integration Program

What is Marketplace Integration Program?

The marketplace integration program enables e-commerce companies to establish a gateway between the e-commerce software where they sell their products and the marketplace where they want to sell their products, and thus processes such as product management, order management, inventory tracking, cargo tracking, invoicing and communication are much easier and faster. platforms that allow execution.

What is Marketplace Integration?

There are many marketplaces currently serving in Turkey. In an environment where shopping habits are getting smaller and easier to the size of mobile phones, it is inevitable that the alternative will be more competitive and more contentious. As such, e-commerce platforms established with individual initiatives in the past leave their place to more advanced versions. Since every marketplace that provides service means an alternative way to make sales, companies that want to increase their e-commerce sales must also be present in these marketplaces. For this reason, you can work and spend time separately for each marketplace where the store is established, or you can manage all business and processes on a single screen you are familiar with thanks to the marketplace integration. It shouldn't be hard to choose between the two 😊

What are the Advantages of Marketplace Integration?

Thanks to the marketplace integration, it is possible to synchronize your e-commerce platform with the large marketplaces in Turkey. Thanks to this technology, you will experience the comfort of doing more work with less labor.

To say a well managed store for a customer is actually an indicator of how professional you are. You should not compromise your professionalism to increase your preference. One advantage of the marketplace integration is that you look extremely professional for customers who observe from outside, thanks to the convenience it offers.

Marketplace Integration Programs

Marketplace integration programs are programs designed only to establish the link between your e-commerce platform and the software that manages the marketplace. Once the integration is provided, it now allows you to easily manage all transactions from a single screen. Markizzi Marketplace Integration Program offers much more powerful, intuitive and fast solutions than similar marketplace integration programs.

With its modules, the Markizzi marketplace integration program offers a strong infrastructure to its users in every subject needed in the e-commerce business.

What can you do with the Markizzi Marketplace Integration Program?

Inventory Management

You will have the opportunity to freely manage your stocks from a single point on all marketplaces whose integration has been completed.

Shipment Management

By collecting your orders in a center you specify, it offers you the opportunity to speed up the shipping process like never before.

Cargo Integration

You can offer easy cargo tracking service by integrating your Markizzi account with contracted cargo companies.

Supplier XML Integration

Opportunity to instantly view updates in the product, price and stock information of your suppliers.

Supply Chain

Manage all the resources your company owns and your storage, distribution, dealership, shipping, courier, etc. processes from a single point.

Franchise Management

You can instantly view the orders, stocks and sold products of your dealers.


You can create the standards you need in the management of the products in your warehouses with the barcode system. With Markizzi, you can create standard or customized barcodes.

Purchase Management

You can use the Markizzi modules to create demand for the products you want to buy from the suppliers, to compare the offers and to evaluate the supplier candidates.

Apart from the modules that will help you in the marketplace management mentioned above, Markizzi also offers additional tools and services you need while managing your company. It is a complete solution with managerial modules such as human resources, customer relations and accounting as well as a website it offers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to meet the Markizzi marketplace integration program.