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15 August 2021

What is Influencer Marketing?

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
What is Influencer Marketing?

The most correct answer to the question of what is Influencer Marketing; Influencer Marketing is the brand promotion and advertising work carried out over accounts with a high number of followers on platforms used by almost every internet user such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These accounts, which are signed by various brands, try to ensure that people have information about the brand and product and, more importantly, to fulfill the purchasing activity by organizing sharing and events that increase the brand's general line and product-specific awareness.

What Does Influencer Marketing Do?

Thanks to Influencer Marketing, the awareness of the brand and product increases significantly. Considering that billions of people use social media in our country and in the world, Influencer Marketing has become an indispensable part of the advertising industry by itself.

What Should Be Considered While Influencer Marketing?

In the first period of Influencer Marketing, only accounts with a high number of followers were preferred without dealing with many details. Technological developments and the increase in demand in Influencer Marketing brought a fiction that increased the number of followers with the sale of fake followers. For this reason, businesses that want to advertise with Influencer Marketing should pay maximum attention to this issue.

The most suitable accounts for Influencer Marketing are, of course, those with at least a few hundred thousand followers. It is possible to find plenty of these accounts on every platform, but we cannot help but mention the different details that need attention here. On social media platforms, it is enough for an account to spend funny numbers to reach these follower numbers. You can find many services that do this job with a short search on the internet. So what should you pay attention to when identifying the right accounts? Rather than the question of what is Influencer Marketing, the question of how to choose the appropriate account for the Influencer Market is more prominent. Start by making a list of the accounts you've identified. You should pay attention to statistical data when examining the posts of the accounts you have listed. The posts of the accounts that have reached a certain number of followers should also have a certain number of likes and comments. For example, if the posts of an account with a hundred thousand followers have received a few hundred likes, it is better to stay away from it.

Organic followers are the people who make up our main target audience for us. In other words, we are talking about accounts that interact with the account he follows and are used for non-professional purposes by people like you and me. Influencer Marketing does more harm than good when done by accounts with low organic followers.

Where is Influencer Marketing Done?

Today, Influencer Marketing, which is widely done on social media platforms, provides faster and higher returns on the YouTube platform due to its ability to convey maximum detail to the target audience. All details can be quickly transferred to the target audience with the videos prepared on behalf of the product or brand. In fact, various activities can be organized to organize various campaigns and sweepstakes, and to motivate the target audience to start purchasing.

Apart from the YouTube platform, the Instagram platform, on which Facebook has recently changed its face, has also started to offer an ideal environment for Influencer Marketing. It is on its way to become an alternative to the YouTube platform with its Reels and IGTV applications that allow broadcasting longer videos.

Before performing advertising activities with the Influencer Marketing method, it should be thoroughly researched which platform appeals to which audience. No company wants to advertise the products it produces for the middle age group on a platform where the young audience is dense.

In this article, where we try to answer the question of what is Influencer Marketing, we hope we have provided the information you are looking for. With Influencer Marketing activities, you have the chance to follow the potential customers you have directed to your various stores, thanks to Markizzi integrations. You can get detailed information about Markizzi instantly on our website or by contacting us.