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01 March 2021

How Is Trendyol Integration Done?

Barış Dur
| Blog
How Is Trendyol Integration Done?

What is Trendyol Integration? How is it Done?

Trendyol is undoubtedly the most prominent company in the growing and developing e-commerce sector in recent years. In the e-commerce platform, which has millions of members, thousands of stores increase the amount of earnings by selling with serious turnovers every day. When you think that each store has hundreds and in some cases thousands of products, a strong mechanism is needed to register all these products in the system, to track their stocks, to follow up orders and similar processes. Trendyol integration rushes to help at this point, and thanks to this mechanism being set up by the right software developers, it enables the work to be carried out much easier. In short, Trendyol integration is a mechanism that allows a product registered by the seller to the personal website to be automatically registered in the store account registered in the Trendyol system thanks to the api service offered by Trendyol, and also enables incoming orders and stock tracking. Trendyol integration, which cannot be done by someone who is not familiar with software languages, is made and put into service by software experts.

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Why Should Trendyol Integration Be Done?

Trendyol, which reached 25 million users in the first half of 2019, has 12 million active members. The annual product sales volume of Trendyol, which sells approximately 550 thousand products a day, is 200 million.While experiencing the days when shopping habits change in direct proportion to technology, people find shopping from e-commerce sites more comfortable and safe instead of physical stores. For this reason, with its constantly rising statistics, the e-commerce sector has the fastest growing and rising value of today. While looking for an answer to the question of why Trendyol integration should be done, even scientific data provide us the answer. However, it is possible to summarize the advantages of Trendyol integration while selling our products and services as follows:

1. Manage Your Products from a Single Screen

If you are dealing with e-commerce, you probably have a website and an application where you manage this website. Trendyol integration ensures that your products and services are ready for sale on your website, while at the same time creating an identical copy in your Trendyol account. Again, when there is a product you want to remove from sale, the system will also remove the product on Trendyol from sale.

2.You Don't Deal With Stock Tracking

In addition to preparing and selling a product, a healthy stock entry and tracking of stocks are also very important. In a platform such as e-commerce where active sales are made around the clock, perhaps the most difficult issue to follow is product stocks. If the instantly sold product is not deducted from the stocks, we do not want to imagine the chaos to be experienced. For this reason, with the Trendyol integration, it is ensured that the stocks are tracked. Once you specify the number of products you open for sale on Trendyol to the system, the system will make the corresponding reduction from the number of products in the stock at the end of each sales transaction.

3. Track Your Orders

Seeing the products and services sold through Trendyol from your own e-commerce management panel will provide you with additional time and convenience. You can follow the necessary processes such as displaying orders instantly, updating the order status instantly from the management panel belonging to you.

4. Customer Relations

Large e-commerce platforms such as Trendyol have ask the seller forms. Potential customers who want to ask questions about the product can send their questions to you via these forms. Thanks to Trendyol integration, all messages sent to you via the ask the seller forms or via the contact button in your Trendyol profile can be viewed and answered instantly on your e-commerce management panel.