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24 May 2021

Marketplaces Vendors Types

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Marketplaces Vendors Types

Perhaps the most important step in marketplace management is for sellers to choose your platform and be satisfied with their experience. It is possible to encounter sellers of all sizes in the marketplaces operating in our country and around the world. In this context, there are many issues that Marketplace managers should pay attention to. For example, special services can be offered to the seller, taking into account many aspects such as service direction, product range, quality and sales strategy, according to the seller's business volume and brand awareness. Marketplace vendor types are generally divided into four different groups. Taking care to design services specifically for these groups is one of the most important elements that will carry the marketplace to success. Let's take a quick look at the types of vendors in the marketplaces.

E-Commerce Site

Sellers with their own e-commerce site are experts in selling online. This type of seller, who has extensive knowledge of the product or category they sell, is not only competent in managing their orders, shipping and customer service, but also adept at analyzing the customer base.


Brands can become an important source of income for marketplaces with their awareness by the consumer, their ability to use their marketing staff fully, their power to manipulate prices and their success in stock management. As the size of their resources grows, they can act as a lever for the Marketplace and contribute to the rapid growth of the brand awareness of the marketplace and the related sales figures. However, depending on whether the marketplace is B2B or B2C, the process of choosing a brand's marketplace may take longer than usual.


The backbone of all trades is undoubtedly wholesalers. When a Marketplace is started to be preferred by wholesalers, it has the chance to add the customer portfolio of the wholesaler to its own portfolio. Like brands, wholesalers have the power to manipulate prices. Wholesalers carry out their activities with the B2B commerce model, so the most suitable structure for them is the platforms that work with the b2b e-commerce model.


Sellers from traditional merchandising can also bring significant potential to the Marketplace. Although it takes longer and more difficult for these sellers to adapt to the Marketplace by digital transformation, they have the power to rapidly increase their sales figures when the necessary compliance process is overcome.

Some vendors may be experienced Marketplace Sellers whose sales revenue is largely derived from their Marketplace. These vendors are the most experienced and generally easy to communicate with. They are highly enthusiastic and quick to get involved when they have the opportunity to sell in a new marketplace.

Understanding the specific preferences and priorities of companies when ultimately incorporating vendors for your marketplace will increase your chances of providing them with appropriate support and help you seize opportunities that benefit both parties in a win-win manner. After all, these vendors are a critical component to your overall Marketplace customer experience and a key factor in its continued success and growth.

One of the biggest challenges for marketplaces is the integration of vendors into the system. It is of vital importance that thousands of different vendors are integrated into the system depending on the size of the marketplace and that there are no problems with the user experience. The presence of stores and wholesalers, apart from those that have achieved their own digital transformation, once again highlights the importance of integration services such as Markizzi.

By providing the sought-after support in digitalization, Markizzi acts as a strong bridge between Marketplaces and sellers and provides an environment where sellers can experience the user experience at the highest level.

We are here to solve the integration support you need in your marketplace with Markizzi privileges without any problems. You can reach us at any time.