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24 March 2021

Çiçek Sepeti Integration

Barış Dur
| Blog
Çiçek Sepeti Integration

What is Çiçeksepeti?

Çiçeksepeti which was founded in 2006 by Emre Aydin of Turkey's largest flower delivery platforms. this marketplace which sells the products of all over tens of thousands of flower sellers in Turkey up to increase the variety of products in recent years, only flowers and gourmet has become a market place literally performing today the sale of products. In this article, where we try to explain what you need to sell your products on this platform, the name of which is known by almost everyone, we explain all the curious issues about the integration of çiçeksepeti.

Çiçeksepeti Integration

First of all, it is useful to explain what marketplace integration is. You have an e-commerce site and imagine that you sell your products through this e-commerce site. At the same time, you want to sell your products through çiçeksepeti. This is exactly where integration comes into play. Thanks to the special bridge created by the software developers, the products you add to your website can also be fully defined in your çiçeksepeti account, your orders can be viewed on the administration panel of your website, and the messages you receive from your customers on Çiçeksepeti can be viewed and even answered from your management panel. In cases where Çiçeksepeti Integration is not available, every platform you sell should be kept under constant surveillance and changes should be observed. Each product must be registered separately on these platforms, stocks must be followed regularly and orders must be monitored instantly. I hope we have been able to explain how important integration is.

How to get Çiçeksepeti Api?

First of all, we log in to our store account that we opened on Çiçeksepeti at bayi.ciceksepeti.com.

We click on the "Store & Ad Management" menu from the left panel.

Then, we click on the "My Products" menu from the screen that opens when we click on the "Store & Ad Management" menu.

After the page is opened, you will see the "Api Access" section in the upper section. When you click it, you can get your API from here.

What Can You Do With Çiçeksepeti Integration?

1. With the integration of Çiçeksepeti, you can send your products to your store in bulk.

2. You can take your products from Çiçeksepeti collectively to your website.

3. You can update the prices of your products in Çiçeksepeti at any time.

4. You can perform all operations on Çiçeksepeti on the basis of category thanks to category matching.

5. You can print your order and cargo printouts individually or collectively.

6. Thanks to Çiçeksepeti integration, you can invoice your incoming orders through Markizzi.

7. Thanks to the price engine, you can set a lower limit for your product and automatically reduce your price at any rate. Thus, you can be at the top of the price-based ranking in ÇiçekSepeti.

8. You can automatically synchronize your stock numbers with Çiçeksepeti and other marketplaces.

9. You can measure the performance of your products in ÇiçekSepeti.

10. You can read and reply to your messages sent to ÇiçekSepeti via Markizzi.

11. You can stop the sale of the product you want at Çiçeksepeti.

12. You can see your income from Çiçeksepeti, the commission you paid to Çiçeksepeti, and the fees that Çiçeksepeti has deposited or will pay to you.

Meet Markizzi for Çiçek Sepeti Integration!

Markizzi is an integrated e-commerce solution that combines marketplace integration and erp software. If you want to sell your products and services in popular marketplaces other than your website and you are not familiar with this, Markizzi is for you! By establishing a special bridge between your e-commerce site and marketplaces, it allows you to effortlessly maintain product, order, payment and communication management. Moreover, it allows you to do all of these from the management panel of your own website, not by visiting the marketplaces where you sell. If you want to manage e-commerce effortlessly, do not hesitate to contact us.