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30 October 2021

Organic Backlinks

Feyza Uzun
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Organic Backlinks


How to Earn Organic Backlinks?

Before detailing the organic backlink issue, it is necessary to define the concept of backlink and understand why it is important. A backlink is a paid or free link that websites receive from other websites. Search engines such as Google also score the quality of the content on your website by looking at whether it has backlinks or not. Of course, the most important thing to note here is that the links to your website should be permanent and the linking website should have a high score (Page Rank). Now that we have explained the concept of backlink, we can make a quick introduction to organic backlinks.
A situation that is frequently used today, but which can actually be considered a mistake, is to get backlinks for a fee. Unlike gaining organic backlinks, a paid backlink can lose its effect after a while and can bring more harm than good.

What are the Ways to Follow to Earn Organic Backlinks?

Subscribing to Forums

Undoubtedly, one of the most important and effective ways to earn backlinks is to become a member of forums. Forums are useful platforms where producers and consumers come together to exchange various information and are loved by search engines. Creating a membership and actively sharing in popular forums serving your industry will undoubtedly enable forum users to visit your website.

Social Media

One of the most important channels of our age is social media platforms. Opening an account of your company on popular social media platforms and sharing quality content from this account and sharing your web address in the relevant field in your profile will be a factor that attracts customer attention as well as gaining organic backlinks.

Press Releases

Firms should cooperate closely with the press. Press releases that will be prepared in response to the news made or to be made about him will be shown as a source on the news sites where the news is published, and this will allow you to earn organic backlinks. Every day, millions of people browse news sites, read news that interest them, and examine the details of the subject by visiting the source shown. In this case, the organic backlink you will earn from these sites will also provide you with a strong visitor traffic.


It is also beneficial to organize events suitable for the sector in which you serve. When you announce these events by organizing original and quality events, you can ensure that the relevant websites notify their users about this event and link to your site.

Creative and Quality Content

We have explained many times before why content is the most important factor to be considered. While remarkable, creative and informative content may cause your website to be more popular, it may cause you to be shown as an example by other websites that care about this subject. However, when the user visiting your website likes the content and shares it with his relatives, it creates a domino effect, so to speak, causing it to spread among people.

The backlink issue is an SEO study that needs to be addressed and considered in every aspect. Of course, it is possible to attract traffic to your website by using paid advertising services. The main thing is to maximize the number of organic visitors while minimizing the budget you allocate for paid advertisements. In this context, it is essential to consider it as a part of search engine optimization studies and to work accordingly.

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