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15 September 2021

What is Native Advertising?

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is an advertising approach that is far from the imperious language of traditional advertising, triggers the desire to buy by attracting the audience to the appeal of the content, which we often encounter on search engines, social media platforms and websites. This type of advertisement actually started to enter our lives in the 1960s and was used in various media as product and advertisement placement within the content, but it became more popular especially with the spread of the internet. In addition to the widespread use of the Internet and its penetration into every pocket, the resistance developed by consumers against traditional advertisements is one of the main factors in the popularity of this type of advertisement. You ask why?

We have all been exposed to the stereotypes of the advertising industry over the past decades. Advertisements that usually buy and stamp the product and market with a completely sales-oriented content are rapidly losing their validity today. There are many reasons for this, but the most common reason is consumer awareness. As the consumer becomes more conscious, it becomes more difficult for him to like the product or service only through classical advertisements and to make the purchase.

In native ads, the situation is a little different. Especially in the content that brands have professional content producers designed, we started to encounter texts, photos and videos that present the brand's related product within that topic while working on a different topic. This proved to be a good method to break the impression traditional advertisements created on the consumer. Moreover, it is now possible to see native ads not only in the content produced by the brand, but also in those produced by the channels that broadcast the advertisement.

Native Advertising with Statistics

1- Native advertising is much more attractive than banner ads,
2- Consumers are 52% more interested in native ads than banner ads,
3- It develops the consumer-brand relationship more than banner ads,
4- Consumers' purchasing tendencies increase by 18% thanks to native ads,
5- 32% of the participants said that they can share the content presented as native ads with their relatives, while the percentage of banner ads in the same measurement remains at 18%,
6- 52% of those who completed their purchasing activity by viewing native ads established a bond with the brand.

Even this short list of six items is an indication of how effective native advertising is over traditional ads. In traditional advertising, metrics are limited. In native advertising, on the other hand, since the whole process is carried out digitally, the power to measure and the possibility of communicating increases.

What are the Features of Native Ads?

1- It enables the brand to interact and bond with its target audience.
2- Since it takes place in the natural flow, advertising does not smell, it is far from imposition and domination.
3- It significantly increases brand awareness.
4- While promoting the brand's products and services, it minimizes the risk of losing the customer's interest.
5- It is not detected by ad blocking software in browsers. Therefore, it is advantageous compared to banner ads.
6- Thanks to shareable content, there is no specific time and place restriction.
7- All inputs and outputs of native advertising can be measured.

Today, the brands that use native advertising the most are undoubtedly e-commerce marketplaces. They influence the consumer both with the content they produce and the social media phenomena they agree with, and direct them to the stores that make sales within their own structure. As such, it becomes more attractive to sell in these marketplaces.

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