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10 May 2021

Social Media Store Integration

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Social Media Store Integration

Social Media Store Integration is a software connection that allows you to sell your products on social media platforms, which are increasing day by day, have a large customer potential and have become a part of daily life, and your e-commerce website, by enabling your e-commerce website to work simultaneously from a single screen. .

While social media platforms were websites that were used only to meet new people or interact with people you have known before, today they also offer many useful services in the field of e-commerce. It is also an important part of social media marketing, which has become an indispensable part of our age for companies dealing with e-commerce. In this article, we will try to give you information about three important social media integrations. If you're ready, let's start.

Google Merchant Integration

Google merchant is a service that allows users to search for shopping by integrating the data of your stores and products with Google, to view your searched product without visiting your website yet.

Markizzi users can easily view the xml link required for Google Merchant integration when they enter Google Merchant user access information to the system in order to perform Google Merchant integration. After this stage is completed, when the relevant link is added to the Google Merchant account, all your products will be added to your Google Merchant account. In order for your products to be available for sale, you must first click on the "Open a new ad for my Google Merchant store" link and fill out the relevant form, and the selected product will be available for sale. You will also have a detailed management power about your products in your Markizzi management panel.

Facebook Shop Integration

Those who know, Alexa is one of the leading authorities on internet statistics and according to January 2021 data, Facebook is still 7th in the world's most visited websites. This powerful social media platform stands out as one of the first examples of its class. Last year, they launched the Facebook Shop feature, which could turn the covid-19 outbreak into an opportunity for users, and integrated the Facebook chat feature into this service, and they accomplished very important works.

Entering your access information for Facebook Shop integration into your Markizzi administration panel is the first step for integration. When you enter and save the xml link offered by Markizzi in the "enter internet address" field on your Facebook Shop page, your products registered in the system will be transferred to your Facebook Shop account. In your Markizzi management panel, products, orders and other administrative functions that will be useful to you are at your service and ready for your use.

Instagram Shop Integration

You do not know Instagram. It is one of the most powerful social media platforms of today, where individuals and corporate companies present sections of their own lives with photos and videos or promote their products. Thanks to the shopping feature that they have put into service in the past period, sellers can offer their products to their customers effortlessly, thanks to the purchasing feature that appears in profiles that have applied and been approved to use this feature.

For Instagram Shop integration, you first need an approved profile. You can easily transfer the XML link that will be presented to you when you enter your access information in the relevant field in the Markizzi administration panel, to the catalog manager created in Business Manager. Thus, the products are uploaded to the catalog with all their features and can be opened for sale through your Instagram profile. When the integration is completed, you will have the advantages of social media integration through various modules that will be more useful to you than the Markizzi management panel.

It is a very important and strategic step to use the power of social media platforms, which is the area where internet users spend the most time in our age, to strengthen your e-commerce business. Thanks to Markizzi social media integration, you can turn the power of social media into your own.