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01 April 2021

Hepsiburada Integration

Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Hepsiburada Integration

What is Integration?

Before talking about Hepsiburada integration, it is useful to briefly explain what integration is. A company dealing with e-commerce wants to increase its turnover by selling its products in various marketplaces. Opening stores in numerous marketplaces and managing these stores one by one is a job in itself. Thanks to the integration services, you can manage all of the marketplaces from a single screen, and ensure that a product you add to your website is offered for sale in the marketplaces simultaneously. It is important for companies dealing with e-commerce to show their presence in popular marketplaces other than their own websites and to sell their products in these marketplaces. Turkey's largest marketplace integration when selling your work out much easier Hepsiburada Hepsiburada one of the Markizz can be done in several steps in the administration panel ...

While managing your stores in different marketplaces from a single screen, we have gathered all the power of technology in Markizzi so that you can manage your product, order, invoice and cargo management from a single screen effortlessly. Contact us now to meet Markizzi, which will increase your productivity ...

How Does Hepsiburada Integration Work?

You can also do the integration process on your own in the management panel offered to you by Markizzi. It will be sufficient to enter the api keys provided by Hepsiburada in the relevant form fields. However, if you want to know the logic of working; Thanks to the personal api information provided by Hepsiburada, every transaction you make in the Markizzi management panel is instantly reflected in your Hepsiburada account, while transactions such as sales and customer messages through Hepsiburada are immediately reflected in the Markizzi management panel. In this way, like all marketplaces, you can follow your Hepsiburada transactions in real time and easily perform the necessary transactions.

Get Your Api Information For Integration Of Hepsiburada

After opening a store on Hepsiburada, you need to fill in a form to obtain your api information. After completing the form, an e-mail will be sent to you by Hepsiburada, which includes your api information, within a time frame that varies according to the workload.

You can go to the following link to get your Hepsiburada api information: https://hbmarketplace.secure.force.com/apex/newmemberticketform?CariKod=&MagazaAdi=&taleptipi=API+Integration+%C4%B0%C5%9Flemleri&isMulti=False

Allowing you to manage all your business processes on a single screen, Markizzi is a powerful solution that offers marketplace integrations and erp software together. It offers solutions that will lighten your burden with modules and services that will meet your needs in every field you need. It is possible to examine the Markizzi solutions under three main headings:

1. Integration

Turkey's largest marketplace in the open shops to sell your products faster and make your life easier integration features in Markizzi. Thanks to the integration service that works 100% compatible with Hepsiburada and other marketplaces, you can manage all business processes from your Markizzi screen. Moreover, every transaction you make takes place in real time in the relevant marketplace.

2. Stock Management

Keeping track of the products you offer for sale for each marketplace may cause very difficult processes in some cases. Thanks to the warehouse stock module offered by Markizzi, create your warehouses and see in real time how many of which products are in which warehouse. In addition, in the sales you make through Hepsiburada and other marketplaces, your stocks are updated in real time, thus preventing out-of-stock sales.

3.Order Management

You can view all sales transactions realized on the marketplaces and on your website in real time from the Markizzi order module. You can customize your products at what price in which marketplace and with which shipping company they will be transported at what price. By categorizing the stages of the orders, you can customize and organize the process management as you wish.

In this article, where we touched on the integration of Hepsiburada, we tried to explain how much easier your life will be when meeting with Markizzi. For more detailed information about Markizzi, you can contact us and ask your questions without hesitation.