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09 April 2021

What is Marketplace Software?

Feyza Uzun
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What is Marketplace Software?

What is Marketplace Software?

A marketplace is a website where a single or an unlimited number of businesses come together to sell their products to other companies or consumers. Marketplace websites designed with customer experience in mind at the highest level are managed by a program that manages all processes in the background. We call this program marketplace software. Although all e-commerce platforms that we encounter in the digital world are software, there are various differences in their structures depending on the type of e-commerce. Come, let's start our topic by talking about these differences.

What are the Types of Marketplaces?

As we mentioned in the introduction to our article, marketplaces are structures where one or more companies sell their products. The decisive difference here is the sides of the trade. In other words, is the purchasing party a natural person or a legal person?

B2B E-Commerce

B2B e-commerce model, which is the abbreviation of the term Business to Business, is a term we use to describe the e-commerce marketplaces between companies. Producers or distributors use such marketplaces to sell to their dealers who will bring the products to the consumer.

B2C E-Commerce

This e-commerce model, which is the abbreviation of the term Business to Consumer, actually covers most of the online shopping we do in daily life except for commercial purposes. Turkey's largest marketplaces GittiGidiyor, hepsiburada, N11 and B2C e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon models are working in the marketplace.

C2C E-Commerce

We use CustomertoCustomer, ie consumer-to-consumer e-commerce, by shortening it as C2C. In this model, the consumer sells to another consumer in order to evaluate the product that he has previously purchased and used. The best known examples of this are the owner and letgo.

Notices Regarding Marketplace Software Preference


Marketplace software is professional software coded to manage advanced structures where one or more vendors sell their products. Close your eyes and think of a mall. In this shopping center, stores of different brands, payment infrastructures that facilitate purchasing from these stores, security and other services are offered by the shopping center. You can think of the marketplace software as the management of the shopping center. A digital store is created for each brand that is selling, and the payment and security infrastructure is presented by the marketplace software in order to ensure the sales made through this store. In addition, the follow-up of the delivery of the products, the accounting of the sold product and many other complex transactions are also carried out by the marketplace software.

Regardless of the line of business you work in, it is possible to achieve success more easily by doing feasibility. When you decide to work in the e-commerce sector, it is vital that the audience you will sell to is correctly analyzed, the products are planned correctly and the logistics network is set up correctly. When you make all these critical decisions correctly, the model you will do business will automatically be revealed. Whichever of the e-commerce models listed above in three items is the most suitable for you, you should pay attention to the features of the Marketplace software that can offer you a solution in this regard. For example, you cannot set up an e-commerce system with sub-stores with a single vendor e-commerce software. You must plan all of these correctly and choose accordingly.

Nowadays, for companies dealing with e-commerce, the correct positioning of alternative sales channels can increase sales and related profit margins. In the e-commerce sector, where competition is getting more and more fierce day by day, those who have strong alternatives will always continue to be one step ahead. In this context, it may already be time to meet Markizzi, who acts as a bridge between your e-commerce site and popular marketplaces. Thanks to this service that integrates all marketplaces and your e-commerce site, you can have the flexibility to manage your entire business on a single screen. Please contact us to get more detailed information and to get acquainted with the advantages of Markizzi.